The Search for Significance: An Invitation to Live in the Moment


We miss so much in the activities of life.

Failing to live in the moment we routinely

pass by the poignant events

of birth, and the miracle reveal

of change like this bulb

opening to release the promise of blooms.

This tiny mushroom looks almost surreal

with the backdrop of green.

The delicacy and intricacy

is missed and totally

unappreciated by

the determined walker on task.

This wild plume looks

almost alien

resonating the comical

fringe of a muppet’s


There lurks inside us all

a child that

yearns to see as for the first time:

to have jaw dropping,

screaming with delight,

giggle ’til I drop


To see everything with new eyes.

To think:

This is beautiful.

This is really cool.

This is a miracle.

I am so blessed in this moment

to see this.


Savor the moment.

Feel the breeze on your skin.

Close your eyes.

What do you hear?

An airplane?


Wind in the trees?


Take a deep breath through your nose.

Feel your lungs expand.

Feel the air at the back of your throat.

What do you smell?



Earthy damp soil?

We are not promised the next breath yet

we fail to experience

the very breath

and all that shares

the time it takes

to transpire.

We consume our moments with

living in the past or

anticipating our futures

with hope or fear

while the moment that is real–

here and now– goes

totally unappreciated and

not truly lived

at all.

We long for significance

but we surround ourselves with

activities, noise, and

mind numbing routine.

What does it take

to live in the moment?

Isn’t it time?

24 thoughts on “The Search for Significance: An Invitation to Live in the Moment

  1. I love your photos. I like your comment you made on Simple Tom’s blog. I commented on there under the name of Breezy. Our thoughts are much the same. Glad for that.

  2. I could not, for some reason, reply to your email. If I could, I could not figure it out. They change those things so often. I would like to make a conact with you. I am sorry you could not get to my blog. Not sure why that would be. you must have found me on Face Book so you can friend me there and write a message. Maybe you did that. I tried to find you but couldn’t do that either. So my blog is Try it again and hopefully it will work. Hope to make connection.

  3. Here I am again. I just tried clicking on my address and it took me right to my blog, so try it again. I wanted to tell you, I like photography too and writing, as you’ll see from my blog. I love my dogs too. Thanks for your comment about Happy, my dog. He is something. I have another dog, Doti, her pics are in my albums on FB. She’s an English Setter upland-bird hunting dog. I do enjoy your photos. I am also a grandma of two, 10 and 5. The are awesome! And I love my Jesus!

  4. Love the photos..but may I make a little formatting suggestion…You are NOT “Just another site” … On mine, I am “Ivegotconfidence, Have Confidence In God”…Perhaps you could be JanJoy52, Observations of a Spectacular Life…or something equally as wonderful..just a tho’t.. Again, thank you for using your wonderful God given talents to bless us all!

  5. Cheryl Jackson

    Wild plume: aliens and muppets – my favorite. Your writing and photos are infused with the peace and joy that you exude. Thanks for the breath of fresh air in my day, my friend. I hope yours is a beautiful one and you and your love enjoy this Valentine’s Day together. AND, your grand baby is stunningly beautiful and releases joy as well!

  6. Very thoughtful post. I realized several years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer, how precious is the miracle of opening our eyes each morning to see the sun, how rare and wonderful it is to see dandelion seeds blowing in the breeze, the touch of those we love. When I was healed, I posted a handwritten note on my computer – Life is Now –

    • Each and every minute of our lives is a challenge to choose where to fix our eyes. Hebrews 12 says to fix our eyes on the Author and Perfector of faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross. I need this reminder too. Why do we have to keep needing to be reminded give thanks and live in awe and amazing joy and wonder now? According to my pastor it is because we leak. We need a constant refilling of the Holy Spirit and a fresh look into God’s face and His sweet word. I am so blessed that you are open and willing to share your journey with cancer. I had breast cancer too. It all seemed so unreal and almost surreal throughout. I guess we go into shock mode and disbelief but through it all I had no doubt God was for me. Loved me. Would never abandon me and He would make it ok in the end. And He continues to do just that. Isn’t He so good?!!

      • Yes, He is. He was truly my strength through the whole ordeal. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – the killer. The PA who did my routine PAP was super conscientious and went up higher than normal. He found the cancer at ground zero….I had several scans and tests. the day of the surgery, some folk from my church, husband and mom were waiting. They said when the MD came out, he had the oddest look on his face. They immediately became fearful. he told them, I don’t know how to tell you and I don’t understand myself when we went in, the tumor had shrunk to the size of a grape and all the “dirty” lymph glands were clean. I went ahead and completed the surgery to be secure. I just don’t understand. Well, everybody there whooped and praised – they knew, they understood. I am so very grateful and know what a miracle I am. I don’t have to be reminded, but I like the note on my computer. People ask me about it and I tell them. I have no words to express my praise, but God can read my heart.

  7. So true and well said. Many of the yoga practices teach this, and I am always reminding myself of this most basic but forgotten truth. It is nice to have such beautiful pictures to accompany this wisdom.

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