Flowers, Sagamore Bridge, Cape Cod Canal, Plimouth Plantation


Our last vacation day was going to be a ferry trip to Nantucket island.  Again, a lifelong dream of mine.  But we had a late start and discovered the round trip alone would take 4 hours of our time.  That and our late start became the deciding factors for creating plan “B” which turned out to be the most awesome and  wonderful day ever!!!  We set out looking for antique row and ended up visiting a gorgeous farm and jams store.  It had a lovely pond, a small reptile zoo and wonderful gardens.  As our search progressed we stumbled upon an enormous bridge spanning the Cape Cod canal. This canal, built between 1933-1935 is the widest canal on the planet.  It shortened the trip around the Cape from 3 days to 30 minutes!  It was in exploring the jetty next to the mouth of the canal we met several new friends that helped fill in the blanks on the history of the region.  Then,  finally as we were overlooking a bluff we met a skateboarding girl that suggest we check out The Plimouth Plantation. The visitor center provided tours of an actual indian village, a pilgrim village, a craft center and a replica of the Mayflower.  All areas were staffed with real indians and people dressed and in character of the period.  It was phenomenal!