Never give up


What does a mug with the word chocolate written all over it, a fly swatter and a spray bottle have in common? Indulgence, persistence, and innovation. Ingredients to a successful and hopeful future. Winston Churchill addressing the graduating class at Oxford University in response to the question of how to become successful, got up before the eager listeners and in all seriousness, without elaboration said: Never, never, never give up. Then he sat down. The times I have forged ahead despite all reason not to and resisted the temptation to admit my limitations and give up in whiney resignation have become milestones of heroicism that I have celebrated with awe and been able to point to these accomplishments as reasons why I can entertain the possibility of achieving the impossible. Alice in facing the Jaberwocky recited 7 impossible things that were, beyond all reason, true as she proceeded into battle. If those things were true than certainly defeating the dragon was her destiny and she would do it. I must admit, like Alice, I start out arguing and whining and whimpering. Like the time I climbed up my long wobbly ladder to the second story of our home to let myself in since my husband locked me out and would not be
coming back until the end of his work day. I am afraid of heights so I prayed and cried through the whole ordeal. I do a lot of praying and crying but I find when I push through every time I have racked up a whole lot of successes.   Cheers!!  And carry on!!!