Brokeness by Graham Cooke


Can you embrace your pain? Yes you can. God heals the wounded soul and calms the storm inside. “The very pit, the very dry hole that you are in, becomes a well as the Holy Spirit fills you up with the truth and presence of God.”


His Love Works

Brokenness: Graham Cooke

“If you have got a really high calling on your life, you have to go down low. It’s just part of the deal. And the depths that you allow God to take you will tell you how far God can bring you up into a place of prominence. You don’t let God take you into the depths; he can’t take you into the heights.”

“You can’t come into the fullness of God unless you go through brokenness.”

“You are either going to wait for God or you are going to promote yourself. You have to move from distress through development in God’s time. Development is where God is rebuilding our character and he is producing a true servant with a capacity for sacrifice.”

“People destroy with their character what they have built with their gift unless transformation has occurred.”

“The very pit, the very dry hole that…

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