Consider the flowers of the field: God loves me!


In the sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel chapters 5-7 Jesus used illustration after illustration to send home the message of how profoundly God loves and cares about us. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I know that”, says you, “but it is a message with a price tag that I don’t hear anymore.” You might not even be sure it matters because, perhaps, you are in a world of hurt and nothing seems to be getting better. But I am here to tell you God is not a cosmic killjoy or some lawgiver that is ready to rap your knuckles if you don’t toe the line. I am here not to defend God because God is God and doesn’t need me to stick up for Him. But I want you to take a close look and what I saw yesterday in His garden. I saw life. He is the Giver of Life. I saw beauty. He created it all and said it was VERY good! Look closer. Really look. God is an artist. He is a scientist. He is a chemist. He is a poet. For He inspires songs and poems and dance and joy with all He puts His hands to. We love our gardens. We look out for pest and weeds and promptly dispose of them. We love our gardens for their fruit. We love their fragrance. We love their looks and how they transport us to our happy place when we are there. We love their shade. We love and tenderly feed and water them. We watch them grow and agonize when they fail to thrive. Jesus said if God cares so much for His garden that is so temporary: gorgeous today and withered tomorrow, how much more does He care about your needs?! Cheer up! You are vastly more important and treasured in God’s thinking. With each picture will you please say out loud: God loves me more than this! God loves ME more than this! GOD LOVES ME! Take a deep breath a begin the tour! Enjoy!