What inspires you? How about the Code of the West? How about Art?


I visited the museum and firehouse in Franktown, Colorado, with my daughter and her children.  The first thing that caught my eye was the Code of the West hanging in the entry just inside the front door.  I thought it worth passing on.


The firemen at the station became the glue to transform a motto into a real hero.  These guys totally threw themselves into sharing their tools and adventures with our little band.


I can’t help but think the Code of the West tugs at each of our hearts.  It sets the bar high for honor and faithfulness and endurance and giving promises and commitments that require personal sacrifice and a hero’s heart.  Don’t we want to be all that?  Don’t we want to see the ones we love most to have the heart of a lion that will risk heaven and hell for our safety?  That’s what Jesus did for us.  And that is the bar my grandfather aspired to when he fell in love with my grandmother.  Here I share with you his heart in a precious letter he wrote to his beloved O so many years ago.  Enjoy and be inspired!

art's love letter to esther

Introducing my guest blogger: Christian S.


Hi this is me, Christian. I was in school and I was wearing chapel clothes. That’s why I have them on.
This is a little bird that can go on my camera onto a person.
This is my sister Mia in the jungle.

Mia looks like a spy and this is really cool because she has cool spy glasses on.

This is my sister Sofia and she is my precious sister and I love her.

DC00007That’s a picture of my sister with her baby. She pretends that this is her baby.

I like gold and it is really cool.
I love gold.


The good old days



Found these adorable pedal cars in a hardware store in cape Cod.  Nostalgic.  Sweet.  Low tech.  Me.  lol.  I drive a PT cruiser because the whole nostalgia thing appeals to me.  I am my mother’ s daughter.  She raised me on Shirley Temple and Doris Day movies.   She sang me songs like” You’ re the cream in my coffee.  You’re the salt in the my soup.  You will always be my necessity.  I can’t live without you.”  I watched Sheriff John who sang ” Laugh and be happy and the world will laugh with you.  When people see you smiling they can’t help smiling too.  When you look out the window on a dark and dreary day put on a smile and in a while the blues will go away.”  Great stuff to feed a child’s heart and mind.  Supported by God who said rejoice!  Pray all the time!  Always be grateful!  Think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable,  excellent, and worthy of praise.  This is the stuff  of a sweet life.  A life of happily ever after endings.  I believe in that because my God is The Good Shepherd and He promises He will never walk out on me.  He always has my  back.  He has plans for my life.   Plans to prosper me and give  me a future filled with hope.