Expect Miracles!

Yes, God is still in the business of  working miracles!  Here is one hot off the presses!!!

I ordered a leather bound collection of Mark Twain’s stories for our grandson for Christmas.   The first was damaged on the outside binding. The second order came with damage on the inside binding.  So, in frustration, I graded my experience  with the vendor low and why and the reply was immediate  that a new book would be sent free with no shipping cost.  Then 3 days ago I was alerted the book has arrived but when I checked for the book it was not here so I looked into the shipping address and it was to an address I had ordered to over a year ago that was since sold.  I got to thinking and hoping the new owners would return it to sender.   Then, last night, my husband came in from the mailbox with my book!  The shipping label was to me and it was perfect!  I know if this book was sent back “to the sender” 3 days ago I would not have received it last night.  I am confident  God assigned His angel to drop it off last night.

Here is a story even more astonishing from my childhood.!!!  My parents were missionaries in Cameroon  when I was born.  My parents experienced God’s  goodness and intervention in times that were huge and life saving but also when it seemed like a small concern.  Example:  my mom was worried because she had lost one of my shoes and I was two years old.  The missionaries all knew not to ever go barefooted because there were worms that would enter the body through the soles of the feet and cause horrible diseases in the feet and lower legs.  We were traveling with other missionaries  to deliver care to  distant  villages when my mom said I needed shoes and the Lord showed her there was a store they passed a few miles back that had shoes for me.  My dad said we didn’t have time for that  but the other missionary  said he would take mom.  When they got to the store  my mom said she needed shoes for me.  Everyone in the store cracked up because shoes for kids was unheard of.  Then the owner stopped and went into the back of his store and brought out a tiny pair of size 2 shoes he got and thought he’d keep them as a novelty.  Perfect fit for me! 

God loves to show Himself strong on behalf of the weak.  David was a teenager assigned to sheep duty.  Moses longed to free his people from Egypts’ tyranny was an outlaw who fled his country for murder and spent the next 40 years working for his father-in-law tending sheep.  My mom was a missionary in Africa who lost my shoe and God told her where to find a pair for me.  I am a grandma who sat at my dad’s feet while he read me a volume of Mark Twain’s stories and I wanted my grandson to read them too.  Does God care about what we care about?  Absolutely!  And maybe our circumstances are tailored to reveal both God’s goodness and His delight in showing up as our “it could only be God!” Hero!

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