A word of encouragement: Even our heroes of faith struggle with fear and depression


Good morning! The Lord is teaching me from 2 Corinthians 7:4-6, 10 this morning.  Take aways:

1. despite our exhaustion, our “afflictions on every side”, having conflicts without, FEARS WITHIN we can overflow with joy for what God is accomplishing in the hearts and minds of those we pour our hearts and truth into.

2.  There is a sorrow that God uses to turn our course back to Him that is “without regret”.  It is restoring.  But the sorrow of the world PRODUCES DEATH.

It’s enlightening and encouraging to read Paul say he has  no rest, but lots of conflicts, fear and depression and God sends people to comfort us because He is a God WHO COMFORTS THE DEPRESSED.

Hope this encourages you like it encouraged me.




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