Your marriage is the gospel you are teaching to your children


As the gospel transforms your marriage it will transform the hearts of your children. How you love, serve, and reconcile to each other is a glimpse — a foreshadowing — of how Jesus loves them.

Your actions and visible heart change speaks a thousand times louder than any sermon they will ever hear or understand. And by God’s grace, they will respond by placing their trust in Christ.

There are countless ways that the gospel transforms and bears fruit in marriage. Here are a few.

1.) The gospel disarms pride. In Christ, all are sinners saved by radical grace. This levels the playing field and produces genuine gratitude that says, “how dare I hold their sin against them, when Christ hasn’t held mine against me?” This realization allows you to approach each other with grace and love in order to be reconciled — even when it’s difficult.

2.) The gospel is unconditional love. You are saved, not because of anything you’ve done, but because of what Christ has done. There is nothing you can do to earn it, and no sin too powerful to nullify it. Marriage is similar: when two imperfect people spend their lives together, conflict will happen. But the marriage covenant binds you together while the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit continues – -while you both grow. Covenant love always looks for ways forward, never for ways out.

3.) The gospel makes your identity secure. When you know who you are in Christ, everything changes. Your security is no longer dependant on anything or anyone that can fail. Instead, your peace, hope, joy, and satisfaction are secure for eternity. Security in Christ will birth surprising confidence and selflessness that seem ridiculous. The only explanation is Jesus.

Remember: your marriage is the gospel you are preaching to your children. Their faith doesn’t ultimately depend on you (only God changes hearts), but your marriage can put them face to face with a living, breathing example of the beauty and wonder of the gospel.
Stay fierce,
Ryan & Selena

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