Are you a sun rise or a sun set?


I was praying for our family this morning  and reminded how some of our kids were disappointed when the other ones wanted to pursue a class they wanted to take and felt disappointed to not be special or unique anymore.  Then I was reminded how I felt when my parents hosted a missionary friends’ daughter from Japan for a year as she started college in the states.  I saw how beautiful she was and how she attracted the attention of all the boys around and I felt myself reduced, and plain and less than her in every way and my heart was crushed.  Then the Lord spoke to my heart this morning:  “Is not the sun rise glorious?!   Is not the sun set glorious?!  Each magnifies My glory yet they are received by all with a different message about Me.  The one is of anticipation, joy, challenges to rise to and fresh starts.  The other is peace, closure, benediction, blessing.  Neither is diminished by the other and all are so blessed by being in the presence of each.  Being with a sun rise or sun set becomes experiences  that for all creates memories that are savored as amazing  and  become pivotal times that are recalled as life changing.   That is how I made you to be!  Beautiful, a blessing, an inspiration, life changing, a benediction that makes a unique reminder of how amazing and awesome I Am!”

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