Reflections on Job: Revealing the Father’s heart


For years, in fact I never could, until God interrupted my cycle of anguish for Job, surrender to God’s absolute goodness. There was a part of my heart that continually refused to heal or believe an absolutely good God would set up, perhaps the mostly Godly man on this planet for the loss of his most prized possessions. Every child at once. Then one day in my mulling over the tragedy of this loss I was given another thought. When Job was vindicated by God and his “friends” reprimanded for adding to Job’s suffering with religious tripe and accusations God not only healed Job and restored his losses He recompensed Job double. I used to think in my heart “So what?! You took away his first 10! They’re gone! How is that DOUBLE?!!! Then a light dawned into my mind, soul, and spirit. Job knew he would see his children alive when he saw his REDEEMER. My Redeemer lives!!! If his REDEEMER lives and he will see Him at the last days he will see his resurrected children then too! And, finally, and sweetly, the thought dawned that Job would never have met and looked upon the precious faces and entwined his affections on every new child God would add into Job’s household had he never gone through his season of pain, loss, and abandonment. Would Job have said he would go through it all again if it meant to not experience his losses he would also miss such glory and goodness?

It’s a word that opened a crack of light to my self righteous darkness on Job’s behalf. In my finite mind I can draw conclusions and miss the point and opportunity to weep with God over His Loss. Yes, God knew His one and only Son would rise victorious from the grave bringing many sons and daughters to Heaven but at what price? He turned His back on Jesus and listened in the garden to His Son praying “Daddy, if there is any other way please take this path from Me, nevertheless, not My will but Thine be done!” Then from the cross God’s only Son screamed out in His unimaginable agony, “My God! My God!! Why have You forsaken Me?!!”

Jesus showed us the Father. He only did what He saw the Father doing. He wept. He had compassion. He suffered. We love Him because He first loved us.. Does God deserve our compassion? Satan would always insinuate His motives are self serving
But God’s love and light is unfaltering and, until we get fresh light on questions, maybe we can reserve judgement and keep asking, seeking, knocking with hope and joy in God’s goodness.

Just a thought.

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