Pray for Chapel on Wheels!


The Lord has uniquely equipped me to lead children to know and follow Jesus. The tool He has provided is creating songs to the Bible verses they are assigned to learn. It’s been many years since I have participated in a structured program in either a Sunday school or club setting. A few weeks ago there was an appeal for leaders and helpers to volunteer in our church sponsored Chapel on Wheels that provides lessons about the Bible and God for 4th and fifth graders during their lunch breaks. So I signed up!

After our first orientation I set about to provide an introduction to the concept of God breathing His life and His very image into the first man and, similarly, God breathed His life and DNA into every word He spoke to the writers of our Bible.

The following is a link you can hear to introduce our first lesson and assigned Bible verse. Please pray for favor with the staff and school that are permitting us to do this that they will be hugely blessed by our presence. Pray that each child will know we leaders and helpers love them and are thrilled to be getting to know them. Pray that our enthusiasm and the words we speak are straight from God’s heart to their hearts.

Thankful for every opportunity and tool to share LOVE!

Welcoming you to my next assignment!


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