This week’s podcast, “Paid In Full,” is ready, and let me tell ya, I’m going deep!  I’m focused on what Jesus actually accomplished on Calvary. And I’m challenging you to stop relating to your life and destiny from a worldly perspective, but to change the world and do the impossible by manifesting your full inheritance in Christ.

  While many Christians have been programmed to believe that we have no power over lack, poverty, sickness, and other circumstances in life, the Gospel tells us a very different story about what actually happened on the cross: Alienation and separation from the Father was annihilated ALL of creation was reconciled and redeemed As a joint heir with Jesus, we have been given access to everything that is in creation, to legislate the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth All that He is and all that He has is ours It’s time to get above circumstances and take dominion where you are called to take dominion. It’s time to be unstoppable in the pursuit of the things God has called you to do. Everything that you need to do this has already been fully paid for.  All that’s left to do is rise in the fullness of your union with Jesus and watch the seen realm adjust to your steps of faith!  This is a deep podcast, so be prepared to listen more than once!  Click here to listen to the Podcast Now! (Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast for automatic notifications on Apple Podcasts (Apple Devices), PlayerFM (Androids), Google Podcast, Spotify, and Listen Notes, just to name a few!)



P.S. If you are ready to experience more of your union with Jesus AND hear God clearly about your life purpose… check out my Masterclass – 5 Keys to Hearing God About Your Life Purpose and Transitioning Into It! In this FREE Masterclass, I’ll be revealing the 5 Shifts you need to make to hear God specifically and clearly about your life purpose so that you can transition into it in the next 90 days!

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