word of retraction and apology for :Democrats Seem to be Lying About This! The Truth is Revealed in this Shocking Video…


It was a catchy headline and sucked me in. There’s probably gems of truth here like how contagious covid is not and how sketchy the testing is but the more I listened the more I thought I was listening to a shister medicine man selling a rare, only available through him cure.😩. I have to repent for not listening this one through. I took it down from my blog. Sorry.

For a heads up: there were other issues with this presentation

1. Vague references to doctors from reputable schools of medicine and published article in New York times without citations. When doing research the citations should be easily found and verified.

2. This was dated data. For research pertaining to health issues that have been on the radar for many years a scholarly work should not be referencing articles older than 5 years. The Covid 19 issue is so new and research is changing what we know so rapidly that anything older than a month seems almost already outdated and this “physician” was saying no vaccine available and citing information from last March.

3. When the presentation starts making you anxious to decide NOW or the opportunity may be gone WALK AWAY. I didn’t watch to the end because I was hearing the familiar build up to the seller’s close the deal. Bum🤔🤨🤮

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