You can only go forward


Becoming all God says you are in Christ is like buying a used house!   There is much to be done before you can call it “home”.  America is in a life and death conflict.  There is one side that would have us scrap it all and start over.  They want to redefine gender, marriage, family, God, the law, citizenship, voting and so much more.  When all is said and done this group will make the government supreme and the rights of every citizen null and void.  The foundation of this country is strong and the bones are strong and promise, founded on a strong allegiance to God, family, and the enabling of everyone to create and achieve their dreams, and us all a place to  thrive and flourish and become a haven for all who would legally enter and contribute their skills for their good and the good of all.

But what if the those voices that would tear down and destroy the foundation and the bones of our Nation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,  censure any other thoughts and opinions?    What if the only way they think they can achieve their dreams is to turn us against ourselves and make chaos and destruction a banner of compassion?  What can be done to rewind to the foundation and bones and remove the the  terrorists in our midst?   Yes.  Remove.  For the Christian we are told that our old way of thinking that is in rebellion to God has been nailed on the cross with Christ and we have been raised up with Christ when He conquered death in resurrection.  Anything that opposes God must be removed.  Jesus came to set us free, to reveal who God is to us.  God has made us in His image and placed a high value on all humankind.  This conversation may seem unrelated to being born again and people laying seige on our house but bear with me.  The founding fathers risked everything to establish a nation free from government intrusion and unjust laws and taxation without representation.  They envisioned a place where every man could own his own land, worship God without constraints and achieve whatever their dreams and abilities allowed reaping everything they earned.  In Christ we are New Creations, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and are able to live authentic free and thriving lives just as God designed.  We have an enemy, however, who comes seeking to kill, steal and destroy. We, as new creations in Christ are called by God to suit up as soldiers to do battle and be alert to our enemy’s tactics. No difference between the visible and invisible enemy. Both have to be fought with resolve not to give in clearly understanding the stakes are high.

Loss is not an option. Being a pacifist and taking the path of least resistance could, in the end game, at it’s worst, land us in concentration camps heading to gas chambers. There were many in Nazi Germany, “good people”, living next door to these “camps” who, after the war said they had no idea. We are called to be sober and vigilant, alert, studied up and prepared, discerning, smart as snakes wiley harmless as doves. Yes, the battle belongs to the Lord but we are called God’s soldiers. He partners with us to uproot Satan’s strongholds, destroy the works of the Devil, go into the prisons and proclaim the Good News of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus. By the way, the prisoners include the people rioting and those in public office making decrees that would imprison us!

This is the day of salvation! We must work out our salvation with fear and trembling because it is God in us giving us the burden and the ability to do His will. Why do you think the Bible says work out your salvation WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING? Because God has designed and destined us to be the exact representation of Him on earth. If we only see ourselves as weak, sinful worms with sketchy histories we will look at the combat gear in our closets and never dress up because we will see ourselves as frauds. Let me say practicing who God says you are will feel only like an act until you become, through intention, persistent practice and testimony to who God says you are. I am a nurse. As a student nurse I wore a badge saying student nurse and I did the nurse role knowing I’m just a student but after I got hired my badge said RN and often I had to reassure my patients, and myself, that they could trust me. I felt like a total imposter but, let me tell you, that was a lie. All I had to do was remember I really was a nurse and do and say what nurses do and say and with time I began to truly know, not just believe, I am a nurse.

God has invested His all and paid the price to make us all qualified to call Him Daddy! In Christ Jesus we are baptized with His Holy Spirit giving us His DNA. We are New Creations in Christ! Everything is new! God has placed our sins on the cross and has removed them from His memory and as far as the east is from the west He will remember them no more. That means God doesn’t dredge up our past sins and hold them against us. He will never used shame to manipulate or use as an excuse to walk away. Love doesn’t do that and God IS LOVE! So, all this to say, if you love Jesus and you feel unworthy that’s not you or God talking because God has a much different opinion of you and your old self has been crucified on the cross with Jesus and you have been resurrected with Jesus and are seated in authority next to Him in Heaven. So that leaves one option for that voice whispering WORTHLESS! FRAUD! UNQUALIFIED! Satan!!! The Bible says resist the Devil and He will flee from you! That means you come back with God’s script of who He says you are! Take that suit out of your closet, put on your name badge and say: That’s BEAUTIFUL TO YOU! MUCH LOVED! CHOSEN! CHILD OF THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD! AMBASSADOR, PRIEST! BRIDE OF CHRIST! DRAGON SLAYER!

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