Schlyce: 5 Keys training to Hearing God


Happy Saturday!

If you could pick up your phone and call God, what would you say? More importantly, what would He say? Would you ask Him about your life purpose? What exactly it is He wants you to do with your life? 

Jeremiah 33:3 tells us to call out to God and He will answer. 

Well, here’s a question: what good is His answer if you can’t hear Him? 

Here are some other questions: How do you taste and see the Lord’s goodness (Psalm 34:8)? If Jesus is your shepherd, how do you listen to His voice (John 10:27)? If God comes near you as you come near Him, how do you know He’s there (James 4:8, Psalm 46:10)?  If He created you for good works, how do you know what they are (Ephesians 2:10)?

I’ll tell you how – activate your spiritual senses! Engage your imagination! I’ve trained A LOT of people over the years to use their spiritual senses. In the beginning, when they first see or hear the Lord, the most common thing they say is, “But that’s just me making it up.”

However, everything in the Bible tells us that God communicates with us through our imagination. Consider when Samuel heard God calling his name and Eli didn’t hear it (1 Samuel 3:2–10), Samuel heard Him in his own thoughts. When David had a vision of a man by the Tigris River, he indicated he was the only one who saw it (Daniel 10:7). Daniel specifically referred to his visions from God as visions that “passed through my mind” (Daniel 1:1, 15).

And yet, I’ve known so many Christians who do not believe that God still speaks, or they are too afraid to engage the spiritual realm, or they just don’t believe it’s real!

And most sadly of all, they don’t know what His purpose for their life is. 

Instead of hearing from God about their God-given purpose or how to manifest His provision, they struggle through this world feeling alone, confused, lost, angry, and hopeless with absolutely no idea why they are here. Instead of hearing the song He sings over them (Zephaniah 3:17), they feel He is distant or displeased with them. 

Expecting a God who IS Love to be silent makes no sense at all. Believing He doesn’t have a purpose for you, or just won’t tell you what it is is crazy. And waiting for His voice to come crashing into your prayer closet like actual thunder is a fool’s errand. 

Beloved, hearing God and experiencing Him on a daily basis through your spiritual senses is what normal Christianity actually looks like! Hearing God clearly for yourself changes everything! 

I know that sounds crazy to some people, but as one of my team members likes to say, “Just Google it!” (I just did, for fun…16,400,000 results of Scriptures, sermons, and articles about it in 0.80 seconds!) 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to just send you off to Google to figure it out for yourself! No, I have something for you. 

If you’re exhausted with trying to figure life out on your own, if you’re confused about a “silent” God, and if you desperately want to know why He put you on this Earth, then please check out my FREE Masterclass – 5 Keys to Hearing God About Your Purpose and Transitioning Into It

In it, you’ll learn: 

– 5 critical shifts you need to make to hear from God AND discover your purpose that will change everything

– How to have direct, two-way conversations with God about your life purpose (and anything else), even if you’ve never heard directly from Him before

– How to follow God step-by-step as you transition into your life purpose

– AND…how to do all of this through union with God so that you fulfill your purpose the same way Jesus did – by saying and doing what you HEAR the Father say and SEE the Father do

You can check it out for FREE here:




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