The place of isolation can become the place of revelation. Steven Furtick


Jeremiah 29:13. God said when you seek Him you will find Him if you seek Him with ALL YOUR HEART. Jacob was desperate. He was scared spitless because he was returning to his home, to his brother Esau, who he had cheated of all their father’s blessings and rightful inheritance. He left with his brother’s threat of killing him which Jacob truly earned. Jacob was a conniver, a usurper, a thief, a liar, a betrayer. Surely he loathed himself and now he was running away from his father in law who was an even greater cheater. Jacob skipped out on his father in law, Laban, with both his daughters, their servant girls who together gave Jacob 12 children and a huge number of sheep he thought Jacob cheated him of. In this wrestling of Jacob with this stranger who turned out to be God, Jacob would not let go or tap out without a blessing. How often do we too soon give in, let go of God and miss the blessing that will only come with relentless pursuit of God? What did Jacob want? Life. Forgiveness. Assurance of a future and hope for his family. But God had a much bigger vision for Jacob. One that would lead to the salvation of all mankind through his much anticipated descendant, Jesus, and the cross. God has big dreams for us all. All He ask is that we chase Him until He catches us!

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