Blessing the past and future generations: craft idea!

Create Your Own Family Tree!

I have, for years, thought it would be so cool to create a collage of our family members, grand children, children, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and on and on at the same ages.  I took this as a first step this Christmas.  First I took a picture of this awesome tree then, deciding on an age between 3-7,  using powerpoint (ppt) set the tree as a background then grouped us , my husband, myself, our 2 daughters and their children on and around the tree.  I was hoping to include our son in laws but those pics were not available at this time. Finally using the text option on the powerpoint program I added the verse that inspired THE BLESSING song I added here below. When I was done I converted this image to a jpeg, also an option on ppt. Finally I uploaded this pic to the COSTCO photo center then got 10 5×7 frames from Michael’s Craft store and wrapped each one as a gift for all. Next year I’ll add the grand and great grand parents and, of course son in laws at ages 8-14. I’m so excited! What do you think?! Is this something you might see yourself doing for your family?

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