Breaking News from Exercise Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk By Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, MDs


“Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” creator Merv Griffin said in a 2007 interview: “I’ve been very fortunate with my health. I smoke. I drink — not heavily, but I like my wine. I don’t exercise. I take a cab to a cab.” Later that year, he died from a recurrence of prostate cancer that first surfaced in 1996. Could he have avoided that result? Quite possibly. Special: Doctors Witness Amazing Joint Pain Changes A study from the U.K. looked at 140,000 men — around 80,000 of whom had prostate cancer — and found that guys ages 50 and older who exercised regularly reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 51% compared with those who were not active. In fact, the researchers say that guys can cut their risk of prostate cancer by more than half if they spend just 20 minutes a day walking or gardening. We say that you’ll see even greater rewards if you exercise an hour a day. But what’s really impressive about this study is that the researchers didn’t rely on self-reporting for their findings. They looked at variations in DNA sequencing that indicate a person’s level of physical activity. Yes, physical activity changes which of your genes are switched on or off, and that changes your risk of cancer. So guys, get as active as you can (10,000 steps a day or the equivalent), and avoid added sugar and syrups, saturated or trans fats, and any grain that isn’t 100% whole. You’ll decrease your odds of cancer while increasing your odds of normal erectile function.

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