2 thoughts on “Dan Bongino; Transition Integrity Project “Get ready for a street fight after the election”

    • I’m not sure. I looked it up and the first view seems encouraging when you read the goals and defining philosophy however many people sitting on the board were past participants of left leaning presidential administration’s. I saw there was one Republican and I’d be interested in how he voted on issues. These days there are a lot of very good sounding organizations by name only that are meant to elicit justice and compassion reactions like the term “Black Lives Matter. Well of course, that’s a given, and after hearing that ‘nough said! But not so quickly. Drilling down you find there is more than a slogan here that is absolutely right. There is a Marxist/Communist powerful and we’ll funded organization whose only aim is to create chaos, division and destruction of our founding government structure.

      Just the name to me seems curious at this time. If we abide by the rules that have done well for us in every election up til now where is the crises?

      The left has said if Donald Trump wins there will be more rioting and civil disobedience in the streets. In other words the will manufacture the crisis. We are bullied into fear made by threats and what ifs. Do we need a National Task Force on Election Crisis??? Are there any members of JOD or Trump supporters or US Constitution and Electoral Committee represented?

      At this point I have more questions than confidence and there is more subterfuge and schemes surrounding this most important election our country has ever had that cause me to say “tell me more. Who’s funding this?”

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