Kris Vallotton: Bulldozing beyond this present darkness


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What the enemy means for evil in this present darkness, God will use in our favor! Don’t believe me? I challenge you to gain God’s thoughts on this season. This optimistic perspective I have amid loss, destruction, and any growing dissension in this nation isn’t because I’m shutting my eyes to what’s going on around me. This is more than mere optimism that I carry. The way I see it, hell has no fury like the God-given authority of Believers, and the Church is arising and shining in this hour like never before because many are learning how to bulldoze beyond a future prophesied by a foreboding spirit. Do you know how to do this? I speak directly about this in this week’s blog, How to Bulldoze Beyond this Present Darkness, and I share a video on how to navigate perspectives that are competing for your attention. Check it out and get clarity amid the confusion of this season because you were made to thrive in the midst of trials! Link in bio. #kvm #kvmblog

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