I am not that same careless person.


I hold in my hand the base of an antique candle holder. I carelessly stashed in my cupboard. At the time I saw first saw the consequences of my thoughtlessness I dismissed it at fixable. But I am not that same careless person. I know not all things are fixable but by the mercies and compassion of our great God they can be redeemed and somehow serve a greater purpose on the Master’s hands. I am no longer unmoved by seeing my blunders. I weep
standing in my kitchen thinking of the precious lives I have neglected to care for leaving hurt in my wake thinking all along God will fix it. Yes, He will fix it. That is Who He is but God loves us too much to take away the scars. One day all things will be made new but, as the scars on Jesus’ hands will be the evidence of the Lamb slain before time, the scars of our journey to transformation will bear great witness to the compassion and faithfulness of our great Redeemer.

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