Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.


Can we get real for a moment? I just saw a video where a Fed Ex truck was stopped, surrounded by BLM rioters who began swearing at the trucker, beating on the truck, climbing on the truck, trying to open the doors. The trucker blasted his horn and began pulling out slowly then speeding up to get away while the ring leader was trying to tell the trucker one of his men was in front of the rear wheel and the trucker had to stop. Are you kidding me?!!! When the trucker continued and this person who positioned himself in front of the rear wheel was likely to be run over, the reaction of the BLM leader and those watching his post took the side of BLM. WHAT??? A similar scenario where cars were stopped, surrounded the drivers, beat on the cars shouting horrible curses and accusations and tried to open the doors happened last week to a mother and her 5 year old daughter. A recording of her call to 911 was heard on Tucker Carlson. This mom was in full panic mode saying her daughter was screaming and crying while the mob was beating on her car and trying to get in. The 911 operator said the police would not come and she should call city hall. Jesus said the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is how you can identify whose agenda is being served. Brothers and sisters I pray for discernment here. I’m thinking this trucker had no clue someone was crouched in front of his tire and he could not hear the shouts to stop. Under the circumstances he was likely on survival mode and felt grateful to just get out of there alive.
In light of Jesus’ description of the thief I propose that perfectly fits BLM. Jesus came to bring life and peace and freedom. What does BLM offer? Terror. Domination. Intimidation. Death and destruction. Anarchy. Come let us reason together. Do we really think it’s ok to bow the knee to this? Who’s kingdom, really, does this serve?


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