The Heritage Foundation: Here at Heritage our guiding principles on immigration are simple:


Strong immigration policy is one of the bedrock foundations that have made the United States exceptional.

But today the debate over immigration and border security has become so politically toxic that conservatives are paralyzed on the issue. And your security is being held hostage by the open borders agenda of the left as a result.

In fact, the liberal “win at all cost” mentality is so extreme that they’ve voted down legislation that would ban illegal immigrants from voting in local, state, and federal elections.

Here at Heritage our guiding principles on immigration are simple:

  • First, it must respect the will of the people. That means individuals who are not born in America do not have a fundamental right to citizenship without the consent of legal citizens.
  • Second, it must not compromise our national security.
  • Third, becoming a citizen means becoming an American. In order to continue to be “one nation under God,” we must preserve and renew patriotic assimilation.
  • Fourth and finally, our elected officials must respect the rule of law – and that includes immigration!

We believe that U.S. immigration policy reform needs to be a step-by-step process that solves one issue at a time.

We want to see distinct proposals that can be offered on their own merits. But in order to continue to develop and share those proposals widely, we need your help.

So please click here now to join in on the $2.8 million challenge made by some members of our Board of Trustees.

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