Heather Bauer Haynes: PARENTS PLEASE READ!


It’s taken me a couple of days to put into Words a very Scary incident our family has just been through. Saturday afternoon we decided to go down to Huntington Beach to shop as a family. There were 1000’s of people, it looked like a holiday. As we were walking down Main towards Jack’s I noticed a guy staring at our daughter Makena. He rubbed me the wrong way. Rob and Stevie were walking just ahead of us and I was slightly behind Makena. This guy zoned in on her. He was tall, attractive, wearing normal clothes, wearing a hat and sunglasses. As we were walking I noticed he started to walk with us. He then walked slightly ahead stopped on the side and turned and looked at her again. As we walked by he started walking and slid his way in between her and I, he then wrapped his arm around her waist & backpack and pulled her toward him. I yelled some not very nice words, she turned and looked at me and we both took off running into the store to find Rob & Stevie. We let him know what happened and we all went outside, the guy was still there. Rob started to walk up to him and he took off walking quickly. When he turned the corner onto PCH he started sprinting, & then disappeared. We told the management of the store as well as some personnel who are working outside to let them know what happened. We were shook, but continued to shop. We went outside to take a look at the at the sidewalk sale, & the guy was back & coming straight for her again. Rob saw him took off after him and the guy started sprinting away and disappeared again, we are not sure if he had a car waiting or what. We filed a police report and gave a description. Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures, I think we were in shock. Long story short please please please tell your kids about this, let them know that this stuff is really happening have them be aware of their surroundings. As our kids are getting older & wanting to do things like go to the beach with their friends, I wanted to put it out there. I just thank God that we were there & aware of what was happening. Keep your babies close!

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