Gotta say: Black lives really do matter.


Gotta say, if BLM really cared about black lives they would be fighting hard for precious unborn black children! If BLM really cared about black lives they would fight for healthy black families and nurture healthy marriages! If BLM really cared for black lives they would raise up communities everyone would be delighted to live in not burn them down and steal from the struggling families that are there to contribute to the communities with their hard working small businesses!!! If BLM really believed black lives mattered they would spend their time and resources to train their children to compete and win in every business and industry there is to show the world what amazing stuff they are made of and that they can prove to themselves and the world that they are VICTORS NOT VICTIMS!!! If BLM doesn’t gain from suppressing the poor and showing up to stir up hate and resentment and riotous destruction than how come that’s all they do?!! I propose BLM IS RACIST!!! And the ones they hate the most are black.😭😭😭😭😭In God we are one race– all sons and daughters of the first marriage!!! In Jesus there is neither male or female, slave or free, black, brown or white. We are all made in the image of God created to rule and reign with Him! Called to be His Priests and Ambassadors, spitting images of our Father, alive and flourishing in justice and kindness and wisdom walking humbly with our God. Let’s get a second thought about who we’re bowing the knee to!Praying for BLM!

2 thoughts on “Gotta say: Black lives really do matter.

    • And thank you for your encouragement! There is a strong delusion holding Christians in this generation. This is a battle that is totally spiritual and must be raged in prayer and love and faithfulness. I am a peacemaker at heart and silence is the path of least offence. The question is what am I risking and allowing to grow in my silence and in being silent whose kingdom is being served?

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