Graham Cooke: ‘Be of good cheer’ means take courage, receive courage.


There is a calm, a peace, that needs to come into our own soul, and then there is a courage. Jesus was often saying, Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. ‘Be of good cheer’ means take courage, receive courage.
Many people in this room are facing situations that are difficult, that make us feel small or powerless. The only way that we’re actually going to get through those situations is if somebody puts some courage into us.
The world, it seems to me, is very discouraging right now on so many levels. We need a flow in the body of Christ, in the church of God, we need a flow of encouragement. We need to be creating a river of encouragement in every fellowship, in every church, in every set of serious relationships. It’s really important that you yourself as an individual set about encouraging the people round and about you to trust the Lord, that we’re not in these situations together.
– This excerpt is from Graham’s teaching Making A Prophetic Impact, available now –>

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