Shawn Bolz: For every vision there is a provision.


For every vision there is a provision. Resources, prosperity, money, are not the destiny of God’s people although they are part of our benefit. When we start to see what God had in store for those who love Him, it is not wealth or resources it is walking in full connection to Him and our self and the world around us. He provides so we can live fully, much as a parent provides so that their children can fully develop. Obviously Christianity has seen its fair share of imbalance in the area of provision and finances. The hyper wealth movement where everyone gets to be rich has caused so much damage. At the same time, the socialistic or even poverty mindset are the other end of the pendulum of imbalance.

When you begin to see God as a provider and that it comes from His Father’s heart then you also become a provider on the Earth. You come not just to receive but to give. When we see resource coming from a Father who loves us we won’t just sell it or give it away when we are supposed to inherit it. It’s like Esua giving up his inheritance for a bowl of soup, there are times we are tempted to be “Normal” or to shun God’s extravagance because of other needs in our lives, or the needs of others. But if you have a relationship to God as a Father you can not just sell your resource that He has given, or sacrifice something just so you can have help.

This book is going to give you faith that if you have a destiny ,God has a provision to make it happen. Through these prayers, prophecies, and declarations you will know how to apply the theme that God is our provider to your world. God’s nature is to bring us finances, resources, and everything we need to fulfill our calling. He wants to provide for your life, your family, community, industry, and world.

Use the tools of prophecy, prayer & declaration ,over twelve of the most relevant themes to partner with God for your life. I wrote this book so that you would have a very specific tool to help you use words to define your own history and future with God. Throughout human history we have seen prayer, the prophetic, and declarations shape societies, set culture, provide

heritage, and bring vision for the future. When you combine prayers, declarations, and prophecies like you will encounter in this book—you become even more intentional about the power of words. Prophecies, prayers, and declarations are instrumental for us to enter our promised land. Provision: Prophesies, Prayers & Declarations will cover topics in finances and resources, relationships, influence, favor, business and many more. Through this book, I am inviting you on a journey of learning how to use words to speak into the very fabric of your life, the spiritual realm, and the world around you. I pray that you will find yourself using and reusing this book as you hear God speak to your heart.

Pre Order Includes:

– Exclusive mini teaching series on Provision (link will be emailed TBD)
– Signed copy of the book
– Receive book 14 days before worldwide release

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