Shawn Bolz: The Moment that Changed Everything!


The Moment that Changed Everything!

I remember when we first moved to Los Angeles, it was in the middle of the recession of 2007 and there was also an entertainment strike that was long lasting and put the entertainment industry or were transplants to LA.  I remember one night after we were experiencing so much need that it seemed endless.  God spoke to my heart as I cried out to Him for our churches, city and nation.  “You don’t need me to come and just rescue you, you need me to help change the culture of your mind and heart.  You don’t need a provider right now, I have given you the ability to produce resources in the hardest places on earth.  Everyone comes to LA to get something, a career, fame, education, but I have commissioned you to give something.  You are called to be benefactors and release finances and resources.

We were struggling to pay our rent on our building, I was struggling to make it month to month even in my personal bills.  But this changed everything.  We literally repented of wanting a “sugar daddy” to come rescue us or some human being to just bail us out.  We began to take on our rightful Kingdom mindset that just as the Father is a provider, benefactor and way-maker, that is who we are supposed to be as well.  

We are supposed to do what we see the Father doing. A friend of mine in that season had me read all the parables and said “What if you reprint the Father in these stories.  Like the parable of the lost son who squanders everything and the jealous brother. What if you aren’t supposed to see yourself as one or the other, but as the Father who gives back the inheritance to the prodigal and who nurtures the jealous brothers heart helping him to understand.
This changed everything for us!  Because as a church, as a leadership team and me individually I began to see myself as someone who could be a resourcer not just someone who needed resources.  That is who God is and that is who He wants to make you.

My new book Provision: Prophecies, Prayers & Declarations is going to give you faith that if you have a destiny God has a provision to make it happen. Through these prayers, prophecies, and declarations you will know how to apply the theme that God is our provider to your world. God’s nature is to bring us finances, resources, and everything we need to fulfill our calling. He wants to provide for your life, your family, community, industry, and world. Use the tools of prophecy, prayer, and declaration over twelve of the most relevant themes to partner with God for your life.

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