Janice Wood: We need to snuff the embers of cynicism, self doubt, shame, self talk that says we are not enough.



We are like this rose filled with wondrous, surprising, delicate beauty inside. Many layers that take time and patience to open up and reveal. Some are satisfied with remaining the bud: protected, tightly shuttered, lovely layers like folded arms resisting the cold. But how special and rewarding to be invited inside! Even the rose, without a mirror, has no clue to it’s beauty. We need each other to be safe. We need ourselves to be safe. We need to snuff the embers of cynicism, self doubt, shame, self talk that says we are not enough. The Psalmist cried out in worship, joy and awe to God “I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY MADE!…Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His Name together!”

God has glorified Himself as an artist, a novelist, a scientist, a gardener, a musical conductor is honored by their breathtaking accomplishments. We are His workmanship created to accomplish good, great, fantastical, over the top, mind blowing things that He has already dreamed up for each one of us to do. We are His image bearers. We have His fingerprints all over us and He is absolutely delighted and thrilled, drop on the floor laughing in joy over how great we are!!! He has packed us with so many apps it will take a lifetime and eternity to discover who we really are. Our first step to finding out is to look to our Maker. Get His operation manual, the Bible. Discover His IMPOSSIBLE LOVE. Start with the Gospel of John and see how far He would go to rescue His lost sheep.
Jesus said My sheep hear my voice and they know Me and they follow Me and I give to them eternal life and no one can ever take them out of my hand. I came to give you abundant, thriving, fulfilling life. Do you know who you really are? Now is the time to find out!❤️

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