He can multiply anything.(testimony 2017)


The first time we were with Heidi we bought chicken for 1,200 people and they fried it all night. When you fry chicken, it has a powerful smell…When you fry 1,200 chicken…that’s a LOT of powerful odor! So, there’s a cloud of fried chicken aroma around the neighborhood….And the scent of fried food brought in ANOTHER 1,200 people! Oh boy. So, we said, “Lord, what are we gonna do?” We only have 1,200 pieces of chicken!” Heidi began to pray, “Thank you, Jesus, help us, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus”. And I go, “Ok, is that it? You’re not gonna do something more? We need A LOT of chicken here.”

But what do you know – We started taking out the chicken and we fed all of our 1,200 people and there was STILL more chicken in the buckets! And in the frying pans. And I’m going, “How did that happen?” Cause we didn’t cut chicken into smaller pieces – they were just exactly enough for our original invited crowd…but somehow there was enough for 2400 people! So, we said, “Bring 500 more people.” We started pulling out more and more chicken out of buckets and there was STILL more to give away! Jesus died so that there would always be enough – He can multiply anything. We are believing this for you and for everything you do today!

If you missed seeing Heidi, Winnie and me in San Jose this weekend, we will be at HRock Church with Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Che Ahn, Patricia King, Lance Wallnau, Shawn Bolz and Gabe Ahn in just a couple of weeks: http://hrockchurch.com/revival-alliance/

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