Graham Cooke: It’s time to believe differently about prayer


🔥 It’s time to believe differently about prayer

Are you having trouble seeing the tangible results of prayer in a difficult situation right now?

What if I told you that the WAY in which you pray directly informed the real-world results that you see?

It’s time to believe differently about prayer.

The Bible says that both Jesus and the Holy Spirit pray both for you and with you!

This means that when you pray you are a part of their prayer team!

What if prayer is not about you praying towards God, but praying with God, to take part in His established promises?

You see, prayer is not about you finding an answer, but praying with the Answer.

If I told you that you could:

-See new breakthrough in your prayer life
-Have peace of mind knowing that your prayers were aligned with the will of God
-Boost your faith and receive a fresh awareness of your relationship in Christ
-Learn why prayer is answered differently in your life as a new creation
-Remove all the pressure and angst from your prayer life

…would you be interested?

Hi, I’m Graham Cooke.

After nearly 40 years in ministry, I’ve noticed one massive common thread around the world.

Many believers sell themselves short when it comes to prayer, with a very misinformed view about the function and role of prayer.

That’s why I’m excited to announce a very special deal – a bundle of two of my best books on prayer – “Praying With God” and “Crafted Prayer”.

These teachings will transform the way you think about prayer, give you a new perspective, and deliver breakthrough in your prayer life.

If you implement these teachings, prayer will quickly shift from a “burden” to a joy, and will not seem like a discipline, but instead a delight!

Also included are a few special bonuses that I haven’t released in this format bundled together ever before!

Click now to learn more!


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