Kris Vallotin: Can Christians be politically progressive?


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Are you "row, row, rowing your boat” gently down a political stream called progressivism? Sociopolitical agendas promoted under the misnomer of being "progressive" are unsettling to me. Schemes like Planned Parenthood filling our schools with porn disguised as curriculum are full-blown crazy! Think about it. Embracing immorality isn’t “progressive,” it’s regressive. The political spirit has duped many into believing that the immorality displayed in modern culture is an enlightened perspective on the evolution of human beings, but I have more to say about that. In this week's blog, I answer the question, "Can Christians be politically progressive?" as well as define what I believe true progressivism actually is. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Link in bio. #kvm #kvmblog

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