Graham Cooke: What’s true in the natural is true in the spirit.


Let me explain it this way, how many of you are parents? What did you do when your first child was learning to walk? You would get down on your knees, open your arms really wide and you would put on this amazing smile. You would say, “Come on! Come on!” There would be your child standing on his fat little legs, holding onto a couch looking at you, looking at your face, becoming wide eyed and excited, and then he or she would reach out and start to move, and then they would drop to their knees and crawl across to you. You never minded any of that. You would just pick them up, whirl them around, find their tummy button, blow a raspberry on it, kiss them all over their cute little face and put them straight back and adopt the position. “Come on.” You never worried at how many times they cheated and crawled. You were never concerned about the struggle for them to walk. You just loved the process of being with them.
Where did you get that? It’s exactly how God is with you. What’s true in the natural is true in the spirit.
(from Living Your Truest Identity)

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