The truth to evaluating the fruit in your life


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It’s that time of year where we begin looking back, evaluating how far we’ve come, maybe even taking a look at what our hopes were for 2019… You may be assessing your relationships or the strength of your community… Perhaps you’re rethinking your career and if you’re being effective in your purpose… I imagine that you may take time to review your finances, the ways you’ve been able to be generous this year, and whether or not you’re living with an abundance mindset… The truth about evaluating the fruit of your life is that it all comes down to the way you think about yourself, others and God. That’s why when Black Friday began approaching, I wanted to be able to help you with an opportunity to get your hands on some resources that focus on mindsets that will impact the level of wealth and health you experience in life. Here are the details: If you buy a paperback copy of my book, Poverty, Riches and Wealth, on Amazon from now until the end of the day on December 2nd, you’ll get two digital audiobooks for free: Heavy Rain and Fashioned to Reign! Get the deal via the link in my bio or

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