Todd Hunter: “You’re created in the image of God.”


Few of us have ever thought this all the way through. As evangelicals, we make it into a song and sing about it, but have we ever wrestled it down to the point of our deepest imagination? It suggests a power, dignity, responsibility and partnership that feels impossible, given what we know to be real about ourselves.

Years ago, when Debbie and I were moving from Yorba Linda, California, to Boise, Idaho, our car broke down somewhere on I-15 in Nevada. I was standing out by the truck at 10 or 11 at night, and it was totally dark around me. Growing up in Orange County, we rarely saw stars. I looked up and honestly, I felt disoriented. I almost felt afraid. “I’m so tiny! How do I fit into this? How do you give any care to my little speck of matter?”

We might be able to see, on a good night, a few thousand stars. But the Milky Way contains up to 400 billion stars. Some giant galaxies have 100 trillion stars. Scientists think there are probably 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name! You’re supervising that many stars. Who are we?

His answer is: You’re made in my image. I’ve given you the Genesis charge. I’ve given you my handcrafted world. I’ve charged you to come work with me and be servants in all I’ve created. Will we accept the power, dignity, responsibility and partnership he has given us?

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