Daily Bible Reading: PSALM 119:129-144 (Good News Translation) Sustained by God’s Word of Wisdom


Psalm 119:129-144: The psalmist expresses distraught over those who fail to obey God’s laws and seeks the blessing of God’s presence. He prays that he will not be overcome with evil and trusts in God’s righteousness.
You are righteous, LORD, and your laws are just.
Desire to Obey the Law of the Lord
129Your teachings are wonderful;

I obey them with all my heart.

130The explanation of your teachings gives light

and brings wisdom to the ignorant.

131In my desire for your commands

I pant with open mouth.

132Turn to me and have mercy on me

as you do on all those who love you.

133As you have promised, keep me from falling;

don’t let me be overcome by evil.

134Save me from those who oppress me,

so that I may obey your commands.

135Bless me with your presence

and teach me your laws.

136My tears pour down like a river,

because people do not obey your law.

The Justice of the Law of the Lord
137You are righteous, Lord,

and your laws are just.

138The rules that you have given

are completely fair and right.

139My anger burns in me like a fire,

because my enemies disregard your commands.

140How certain your promise is!

How I love it!

141I am unimportant and despised,

but I do not neglect your teachings.

142Your righteousness will last forever,

and your law is always true.

143I am filled with trouble and anxiety,

but your commandments bring me joy.

144Your instructions are always just;

give me understanding, and I shall live.

In verse 134, the psalmist asks God to protect him from oppression. In this case, such oppression results from injustice borne out of failure to do God’s will. How can experiencing injustice firsthand or witnessing it in the world impact your faith?

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