Tony Evans:. Praying the names of God: El Simchath Gili


El Simchath Gili


Then I will go to the altar of God,
 to God (El), my joy (Simchath Gili) and my delight.
 I will praise you with the lyre, 
O God, my God. Psalm 43:4


God My Exceeding Joy.

Prayer: Supplication

El Simchath Gili show me your wonders. Delight me with that which delights you. I know that if I witness the things that make your heart glad, mine will become glad as well. Give me the pleasure of knowing you intimately because in you I will find my joy and my delight. Help me also to bring joy to other people that I come into contact with. Give me a sweet spirit that radiates your love and pleasure to those around me. Help me to say kind and encouraging words and to always think on things that are pure. As I do that, I will reflect you all the more!

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