Put God first


Now isn’t that the sign in the road to check all your faculties?! Oil gauge. Check. Gas. Check. Water. Check. Tire pressure. Check. Snacks. Check. Water bottles. Check. Count noses and all present and accounted for. Check

Map. Huh? It’s the little thing that makes all the difference. Fix our eyes on Jesus. Put on the whole armour of God. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Love the Lord your God WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND MIND AND SOUL AND STRENGTH. Do not grow weary in well doing. Do all things without complaining. Keep sharp. Your enemy is a hungry lion and you are his prey! Hmmm. Shucks. I guess I’m getting a little wobbly and emotional and maybe not feeling it so much. But I got everything else right!

Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. What have I been thinking? There’s been a lot of changes in my life. Things are going so great in one area. Might say miraculous but this other area feels like I’m sitting in the middle of the ocean in a sail boat with no wind. Bobbing like a cork. Feeling a little, no, a lot, sad. But is that true? Nope. Gotta remind myself that just because God hasn’t told me the details doesn’t mean He doesn’t have a plan. Maybe I need rest. Body rest. Mind and heart rest. Soul rest. Rest in the Lord. The young lions lack and suffer hunger but those who wait on the Lord (rest in the Lord) will not lack any good thing.

Put God first.

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