Tony Evans: Hope does not disappoint.


Personal development is not an event. Neither is it a one-size-fits-all experience. Development takes time, tests, failure and overcoming. God knows each one of us individually. He knows what we each need in order to develop and strengthen our spiritual muscles and sharpen our spiritual insight and wisdom. More often than not, this requires detours in life to allow us the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

God has a destiny for you. He has a purpose and a place He wants you to live out. But it may not happen tomorrow. You probably won’t get there by going in a straight line. Patience is a preeminent virtue needed in order to reach your destiny.

But even though life and the process of development may come with personal disappointments as you wished you were further along, remember that hope does not disappoint. Detours disappoint, momentarily. But when we allow them to produce hope – God promises that hope will not disappoint.

But in order to arrive at an authentic hope in your spirit – accepting your detours is necessary.

Just like your muscles will not grow simply by wishing them to grow stronger. The pain through the process of strengthening your hope comes in detours, tribulations, afflictions and trials.

Show me someone with an indomitable hope and I will show you someone who has had his or her share of detours. This is because authentic hope is a learned trait. Authentic hope is that level of hope which stays steady despite the storm and circumstances. It is the hope that enables you to keep going on faith alone. A large part of your personal development focuses on growing your ability to hope (like Abraham) against all hope. To believe when nothing looks like it is happening. And to continue to walk in faith, despite the delays.

As you develop personally, these things will come more naturally for you and you will witness God usher you into the fulfillment of your destiny.

Have you ever started an exercise regime only to quit it because you did not see any results? Many people do because they expect results a lot sooner than the results take to actually develop.

Similarly, many people stop pursuing the pathway to their destiny when they don’t see things lining up as quickly as they thought they should. But God is intentionally using the delays and detours in our lives to develop us for where He is taking us.

Arriving at your destiny requires patience in the process.

Be encouraged,

Tony Evans

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