Heidi Baker: God’s Way Is the Best Way


God’s Way Is the Best Way
Day 226

We have an amazing boy who lives with us called Aselmo. I love him so deeply. He is so full of joy and passion for Jesus. He was born with club feet, so he doesn’t walk very well. For some reason we don’t understand, Aselmo has been in many meetings where healings take place, but as of yet, God has not healed him.

One day we were on an outreach trip, and Aselmo was along. I became aware in my spirit that some of my kids were being given words from God. “Which one of you has a word of knowledge?” I asked and a whole bunch of them raised their hands, including Aselmo.

“God’s going to heal someone who can’t walk well,” he said, brimming over with excitement.

I couldn’t help but hope it was going to be him. “Please, Lord, let it be today. Let it be my boy!” I pleaded in the quiet of my heart. No one moved or came forward.
Aselmo spoke the word again, “Jesus is going to heal someone who can’t walk.”

Out of the shadows came a woman. She was bent over from years of carrying a heavy burden. What looked like a sack on her back was actually a three- year-old little girl who couldn’t walk. Aselmo looked at me with his cheeky grin. When the mama put her on the dirt, the girl fell over like a rag. She had no working muscles that could hold her up. She appeared to be lifeless, but she was breathing.

Aselmo put his young hands on this child, and the power of God hit that little girl’s body like an electric shock. She moved and strengthened in front of us. Her frame started to take shape almost like a puppet, drawn out of lifeless sleep. She sat up! Her mother started weeping, and Aselmo grinned. This little one was healed. Hallelujah!

God does not do things our way. His understanding and His ways are not ours. I trust Him with my little guy, as I do with everything. You can trust Him with your unknowns, too. He knows so much that we don’t know.

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