2 thoughts on “Are ‘thoughts and prayers’ a ‘cruel joke’?

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this. We people can be such verbs, like action words, very convinced that things only change by our own hands actively changing them. But prayer actually is about “doing something” and it creates change, often far more effectively.

    • So true! I just read a little history on Harriet Tubman She was very Godly and prayed all the time for her master to have a change of heart and be a real Christian. When he sold her and her brothers to work a chain gang she became so exasperated and blurted out “If that man is not coming to you God just kill him!”. Then when shortly after her heard her master died Harriet was overwrought and her endless prayer, whether washing or sweeping, clean me God! Make me clean! Was it Paul that said, referring to Elijah, the fervent and effective prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. I teared up when I thought how mortified Harriet was, thinking she caused the death of someone she could never pray for again.

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