The roots of a tree are driven to seek water deeper in drought. Can we learn something in our times of pain?


God provoked Satan to begin the test with Job.”Have you noticed my man Job? There is no one like him for faith.” Satan didn’t need much encouragement to take the bait. The rest is history but the point is Job was great but he required testing. God wields the sculpting tools through pain. Through loss. The roots of a tree are driven to seek water deeper in drought.

Romans 15:4 It’s there to learn. The deeper we dig, the harder we sweat the brighter the light when we are granted that a ha moment. Mine came at 3 this morning. It began as a question a few days ago. If the Bible was written for my instruction then why did He begin Job with that scene in heaven? What could I learn about God’s motives if I start with the premise that God is good ALL THE TIME? The time of pain Job experienced was not just a good lesson for me. It was fundamentally good for Job and for everyone associated with Job. God loved each child He allowed Satan to remove from Job. God loved Job’s wife. God loved the friends He inspired to come and sit with him in his pain and loss.

God allowed the quirky convictions of each associate to bubble up like pus from a festering sore. Each was convinced they were right. It was Gods care demonstrated that exposed wrong thinking. Everyone, even Job, had wrong thinking. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Merciful Jesus expose my wrong thinking. Holy Spirit I’m ready to learn. Give me eyes to see. Ears that are not muffled by self interest or preoccupied by fear. May I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Janice Wood

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