Happy Father’s day!


Happy Father’s day! You bless us with life and call us up to higher than we can reach. You teach us faithfulness and cover us with protection and justice. Your walls are our border of security that free us up to explore and become all we hope and dream of. You hold our hands lest we slip and allow us to fall so we grow in wisdom and self reliance. When all else fail you never will. You are a faithful friend and a patient listener. You love a good joke and surprise us with many great ones. You laugh at your enemies because you never lose. You teach us that mercy triumphs over justice and love covers a multitude of sins. You are kindness itself and endlessly patient. You are generous and compassionate in all your ways. We see You in the face and faith of our fathers and long for Your blessings. Thank You for our dads. Keep them strong and kind and faithful and wise and joyous in who you made them to be. Hold their hands and let them fall but remind them that mercy triumphs over judgement. We love You! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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