You are made in a particular way.


You are made in a particular way. You are designed to worship in a particular way. Find that for yourself and you will have a great life worshiping! My prime way of loving God is with my mind. I love having brilliant thoughts. I adore meditation, and it always leads me just to worship and to rejoice. There are times when I can sit for a few hours and just think about God. Sometimes I’ll just start crying because the thoughts I’m having are so incredible, it’s like I can’t get my worship out fast enough! Something happens to me, something grabs hold of me in that context, and then I go into other forms of worship. It’s just amazing the way that God has made each one of us, and you need to find your own unique rhythm with God, and you need to know how you personally are designed by the Maker, and how when the Holy Spirit comes with worship, how you vibrate in worship. What is the sound of worship that most touches you?

(from The Way Of The Warrior [Live Version]) Graham Cooke

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