Watch “Jessica Andrews – Who I Am” on YouTube


Sometimes after I’ve messed up, blown up, tripped up, (add all the ups that really mean down) there’s a disappointment, even after I’ve apologized and received forgiveness that sticks like gum to my shoe. I look in the mirror and see a loser looking back at me. But the truth is I am both a winner and a loser and I need to embrace and nurture both. I love “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews because it lifts be out of the pit I’ve dug for myself and makes me so grateful for who I am, for all that God has given me to make me who I am. Yes, sometimes I fall flat on my face but I am still learning to walk in friendship with others and myself and God. When I mess up God never abandons me or is disappointed in me. He gets down where I’ve fallen, gives me a grin like you’d give your darling baby learning to walk, and says get up, you’re ok. Let’s try again! Why can’t I have that patience with myself? O there I go again!πŸ™„πŸ˜

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