Simplicity in friendship by Janice Wood


When I was very young friendship was easy. Everyone played together. We all got along. But as I got older I found myself left out. I felt unattractive, undesirable, unwanted. Sometimes I was careless in handling the friendships I had and the ones I really needed became the one I ignored and lost. When we are young we think foolish thoughts and act in foolish ways but friendships have been something I have had a lot of time to think about and I am glad to say, with practice, I am getting better. Here are a few keepers for me:

If I see it I say it. The Bible says that every good and perfect gift I have is from above, from the Father of lights. This has caused me to think that if I have a good thought about someone and I don’t share it with them than I am stealing God’s mail meant for me to pass along to them. One example is on a day out for a walked I passed a young man pushing an elderly, shriveled man in a wheelchair to an alcove beside the sidewalk where he could sit and view the beautiful reservoir across the street. The thought flew in like a text from Heaven: “Now that is what love looks like!”. I was past them and tried to argue that the opportunity to deliver this note was past but I knew when the note landed in my box I had to honor the Sender, so I turned back and introduced myself and told them what I believed God wanted them to know. This became a life changer for me. It felt risky but this word was very encouraging for both gentlemen.

If I feel isolated change it. We moved 20 years ago into a home that would provide a great need for my mother in law who we were caring for at the time. My husband loved the privacy but I never saw our neighbors so I really felt isolated and lonely. So I decided to create a neighborhood phone directory and want door to door inviting everyone to participate. This, I must say, was a genius idea from God. Evidently most of the community felt the same way because it went over big and I was even invited into the BUNCO game in the neighborhood!

Pour out blessings on everyone for every reason! For the last 2 years I have sent birthday sketches, sketches with condolences, sketches with congratulations and sometimes sketches just because I “need the practice”. Each card comes packed with my heart and blessings.

Dress to impress!

I know I feel better about me when I can look in the mirror and say “Not bad!”. I can forget about whether I’m going to see someone I know if I know I’ve done all I can. That, taking care of me, is my best defense against insecurity and depression. Yes, I get those fleeting dark clouds of disgust with what I see in the mirror, disappointment, sadness with occasional tears but when I’ve done my best I can go out encouraged and watching for notes I can pass along from God!

Janice Wood

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