Watch “The Proclaimers – 500 miles (I gonna be) lyrics” on YouTube


I love this song! I sing and dance and march around with our grandkids overwhelmed by joy in this song! “Who does this?” Mia asked and I proclaimed JESUS! The message is “I am so in love with you that my whole world is rocked by my love for you and everything I do I do it to show how much I love you. I work for you. I live for you. There is no place I’d rather be than to be with you. I’d walk 500 miles and 500 more to walk a thousand miles and fall down at your door just to be with you.”. And, honestly, if you can’t see this about God’s sweet, passionate, delightful love for you than you’re missing the whole point of Christmas and Easter. Before you were even born, before time itself, He knew you and fell in love with you and, like stolen pieces of priceless art or His baby ripped from His arms and sold to traffickers He paid the ultimate price to redeem, set free and restore you. He washed you with His blood and bathed you in His Holy Spirit and took away your stoney heart and implanted His DNA inside you. He clothed you in His righteousness and tore up the charges against you and gave you a crown of glory and authority to rule and reign with Him. He gave you His law that you would understand your Father’s mind and character. For your good and welfare the Father said don’t talk to strangers (you shall have no other gods before me). Don’t play with fire (you shall never make yourself any idols), Always be respectful and honoring of Me as I am of you (you shall not use the name of the Lord irreverently), reserve one day in your busy life for Me (remember the Sabbath as a holy day). Honor you Father and your mother (our family is all about honor and gratitude). You must not murder (Every life bares My image and is precious to Me). You must not commit adultery (I made you one in marriage. I married Myself to you and I will never abandon you. A life of honor values promises). You must not steal (why would you do that when you are my child? Ask me and I will take care of you), don’t lie (tell me and others the truth and I will take care of you. There is nothing I won’t forgive. Lying will make others think you are not trust worthy and dishonors Me, you, and them) don’t envy anyone or anything (True peace and happiness comes when you rely on Me to meet your needs, promote you, guide you to becoming all you were designed to be.)

God is good. God is amazingly good, outrageously good, infinitely good so why wouldn’t you jump and dance and and be overwhelmed by His sweet proclamation of love?!!!

We love Him because He first loved us! 1 John 4:19

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