Pray for an undivided heart.


James chapter 1 says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways and shouldn’t expect answers to prayer. Jesus said you can’t serve two masters because you will love one and hate the other. I have have a sweet friend who says she loves Jesus and quotes the Buddah and Dalai lama. What’s with that?!!!

Jesus is who He said He is or He is either a nut case or a liar. We can’t be frustrated hand wringers and say we are trusting God. We can’t say we value life and remain unmoved and silent when innocent lives are destroyed in the womb every day because they have no “choice” but to die when they are unwanted. If Jesus is alive and the same today as He was when He spoke everything into existence and destroyed the power of death over us when He died on the cross then returned alive, vibrant, all powerful God, why have we reduced Him in our hearts to a religious leader?

Seek the Lord while there is time. Live a life that matters. Get off the fence and decide whose team you’re on then learn the plays and get into the game!

Just sayin’.

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