Don’t be blind sided by appearances. This president has gone to the issues.


Don’t be blind sided by appearances. This president has gone to the issues of national sovereignty, individual rights, building a strong economy, keeping it’s citizens safe, respecting religious freedom, stopping the killing of preborn babies. He has accomplished the return of 17 prisoners abroad without paying a cent. He has brought companies that have fled our country due to unfair tax burdens back to our country to reopen their doors and hire many citizens and strengthen our local economies, he has poured money into our military and honored our vets making health care access and quality a priority, he respects our police and his make America great again is uniting our country and igniting hope and joy. Can you support anything I said so far or are you so consumed with the rhetoric and profiling of the hysterical news and the Democratic party? The Democratic party likes to make you think they are compassionate, values oriented, kind but look at how they treat anyone that disagrees with them. There is no place for reasoning. They support anarchists, they support ms13, antifah, black lives matter, the rights of illegal immigrants over our citizens, they hate police, they hate our country, they cannot see past any of their prejudices to find ANY good that our country has to offer. Every country, run by human beings have records or wrongs and abuses. If you look at slavery you’ll find Africans were making slaves of each other before the white man came and entered the game. The most abusive of all slavers in America was a black man. The Bible says the heart of man is evil and desperately wicked. Who can know it?!

The stronger you are the better position you are in to help the poor and the abused. If we did not have a robust economy and strong military we might all be speaking German under a Nazi rule or Japanese under an empire and not a democracy. Because we care about life and are compassionate we spend billions to shore up the economy of basically the whole world and fight oppressors that destroy their own people. As a nurse and as a physician we can say donating blood is a wonderful thing to do but you can’t donate and donate and donate without eventually needing to be transfused yourself or die.

People come to our doors because they want to have a piece of the dream or they want to destroy the dream. Not everyone that enters a house comes to contribute. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and so we lock our doors and ask who is it before we allow just anyone in. The perfect example of no borders is the homeless. They have absolutely no borders. There is nothing scarier and more vulnerable in the world and we long to see an end to this, to see these people in desperate straights safe and contributing to the health of the whole. We are already becoming a 3rd world country in many cities across America because of this borderless mentality. Human feces, used syringes, filth, depravity people shooting up and pooping in public because we refuse to require anything of anyone. The Bible says whoever doesn’t work should not eat and he who steals should steal no more. Is it right that I should pay for the health care, education, food and housing of everyone who insists I owe it to them when I work double shifts to support my own family? Our government is based on self determination, reaping what you sow and realizing your dreams through self determination. Heratio Aldjer is a story that personifies what this nation has offered it’s people and that of the world when we embrace the strong work ethic and limited government. When we do we can all reap at least a comfortable life along with the hope of improving and sharing our blessings with others. Ephesians 4:25-32

2 thoughts on “Don’t be blind sided by appearances. This president has gone to the issues.

  1. Well said Jan. I’m at CSUSM and there is so much propaganda and misinformation, based off unproven slander coming from almost every professor I have had. The students who lack the ability to reason offer no counter argument but are immediately taken in by the lies. They believe it because they want to and have not learned to question authority or especially, the media. They fact check with the same sources and run in circles trying to justify their claims through the way they feel. It’s so disheartening to watch.
    As for US, we are assured of the temporariness of this life.
    So I am not afraid of war or famine. When a war comes these people will cower in fear and the true believers will be led by
    The Spirit to reach those who are called.
    They are so afraid, so afraid.
    We have no need to be and that makes them even more afraid.

  2. Thank God for HIS great hope!!! In the meantime we must be the watchers on the wall and “come reasoning together.”. Pray for our president. Pray for protection, ears to hear the Holy Spirit. Pray for revival. Pray those imprisoned by the enemy’s lies will have a life changing encounter with Jesus and become reborn soldiers for God’s Kingdom of light.

    Thank you for your response! I pray the Holy Spirit gives you words of knowledge that speak like arrows of fire right through the walls of fear and disbelief in those that surround you. I pray for a huge miraculous change in the spiritual climate around you. I pray for people to stop you asking what can I do to be saved! God is on the move! He has a bazzillion amazing things up His sleeve and He’s not sharing it yet but it will DESTROY the works if the devil!

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